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Dental Studio is a team of qualified experienced dentists, who will perform a wide range of services, from help with acute toothache, to a prosthesis including on implants. Learn more.

  The head of «Dental Studio» clinic and its leading physician – Larissa Khristolyubova. Painter and sculptor, master of her craft as well as a person with a great experience. A lot of people visiting her clinic and recognize her professional style. She is thetrusted specialist, who can be contacted any time with any question and you will be suggested the best solution.

Larissa: "Everything should be beautiful in the man – his soul and appearance. Smile is an important part of the person’s appearance. Beautiful open smile always point to the fact that the person takes care of himself, his appearance, he is opened and quite happy.

Conversation partner is always pay attention on how a person smiles, and if his smile is beautiful, it helps to create a positive impression on partner. If you see the following picture: the respectable young man in an expensive suit, apparently a successful businessman who widely smiles you, and suddenly you notice his yellowed teeth or feel bad breath – the picture is not very in tune, isn’t it? Teeth and mouth have become a silent business card.

Our clinic staff is perfect knit team of dentists, hygienists and assists. Qualified experienced dentists will always help and perform a wide range of services, from assistance with acute toothache to prosthetics. Gentle hygienist’s handswill clean your teeth from tooth stone and dental plaque. Hygienist will show you how to maintain the teeth to keep them healthy and beautiful. Large selection of hygiene in our clinic will help you to keep your mouth in order.

If you visit our clinic you will feel comfortable and cozy. Find yourself in an atmosphere where you can relax and, oddly to say, rest. We will be glad to see you in our «Dental Studio», studio of mastership and professionalism.