One day in Riga

  You haven’t been in Riga yet? It’s a good reason to visit city, sea and dip into this nice European capital with a new smile.

Let us to take care of your stay and recommend the best food and entertainment in the city. Read more.
Dental Clinic «Dental Studio» offers you to visit one of the most beautiful and ancient European capitals – Riga city. The proximity to Baltic Sea, beauty of the buildings, the cleanliness and quietness, tunes you on relaxed mood.

Be sure to walk through the narrow streets of the Old Town, absorb the frozen moment of the past centuries and feel polished stones under your feet. You will not be able to take your eyes off the beautiful old buildings, and the rays of the sun, which beam between them. Peter Tower raises above all this splendor and golden rooster keeps his watch over the city. Go to the bank of the river and sit by the waters of River Daugava, feel the flavor of the freedom and joy.

Listen to splash of the waves, enjoy the smell of the pines and step on the sand with your naked feeet in the resort town Jurmala. Here you can walk down the famous Jomas street and participate in summer concert life of Jurmala.

We can help you to choice a hotel, and suggest various interesting places for walking, entertaining as well as places where you can taste Latvian and other cousine.

Enjoying the holiday, you will be able to combine useful with pleasent and make you smile more beautiful. Our clinic is pleased to offer you everything you need, starting from a professional oral hygiene and care to cosmetics care – restoration, prosthetics and implants.